Kid's Art Gallery

This was submitted by a student from Maria's Montessori in Clovis, NM.

This is from Gracie, also from Clovis, NM.

Here is Swimmie, by Ella from Tuscon, AZ.

The first ever artist rendition of Hagdelina Magdelina, by Gabe from Taumarunui, New Zealand.

A painting from Laynie in Auckland, New Zealand.

Another painting, this one by Eloise from Auckland, New Zealand.

This colored picture of Scooby Doo was handed to me by an unknown artist in Roswell, NM.

Here is Garfield, also by a mystery artist from Roswell, NM.

Daniel from Deming, NM is the artist for this picture.

Rhiannon from Deming, NM drew this picture of the Baby Jesus.

Aiden from Deming, NM drew these lovely trees.

Isaac from Deming, NM drew this Christmas tree and presents.

This picture drawn by Gerardo from Deming, NM, is I believe me playing guitar and Gerardo and his classmates in the audience.

A beautiful rainbow by Desiree from Deming, NM.

Amanda from Deming, NM drew this picture with clouds.

Sophie from Deming, NM covered her picture in color.

This picture of a Christmas tree and fireplace is by
Matthew from Deming, NM.

John from Deming, NM perhaps at his house with a sibling.

Marcus from Deming, NM drew this picture of himself in the audience at my concert. He is on the far left.

Michael from Deming, NM looks like he is blowing a bubble.

Sophia from Deming, NM drew me with my guitar and her fellow classmates in the audience.

Nia from Deming, NM is super excited to open her presents.

Jocelyn from Deming, NM drew this picture of a Christmas tree with a snow pile underneath.

Ishan from Deming, NM drew this tree with two friends around it.

This picture of a Christmas tree is by Angelo
from Deming, NM.

Kendra from Deming, NM drew what looks like a self portrait in the snow with some trees.

Katlyn from Deming, NM looks very happy and ready for a sunny Christmas.

Rubi from Deming, NM drew Santa delivering
presents at night.

This picture looks like a self portrait and is by
Alastasia from Deming, NM.

Awesome reindeer and other animals by William from Deming, NM.

The two's and three's class at Maria's Montessori in
Clovis, NM drew this picture for my birthday.

Erin drew this picture and sent it to me all the from Australia!.

Dianne from Otorohanga, New Zealand, handed me this artwork when I was there for a concert in January. What a handsome guy!

Dianne also gave me this piece of art. Thanks Dianne!

William from England sent me this awesome pizza. The Alien Pizza!

Ella drew this for me when I was in Arizona.

This was sent to me all the way from New Zealand and drawn by Alan in Thames. It is a Komodo Dragon chasing a Stoat!

Another New Zealand piece, this one a pizza by Jacob in Thames.

Max from Thames, New Zealand sent me this pizza. Delicious Pizza!

Jordan from Thames, New Zealand drew this cool blue brontosaurus.

Sophie, from Thames, NZ sent drew this picture of the sun and a hole.

The sign welcoming me to Region 9 Head Start. I think it is art!

This piece of art (and the next 20 photos too!) came from students at Trinity Valley Prep School in Fort Worth, TX.











Ladies and Gentlemen this is Venture who we met in West Seattle.

This is Peny, who we also met in West Seattle

And this is Peter, who is quite possibly the largest dog in West Seattle.

Buzz and Woody drawn by Gracie after hearing me sing "You Got a Friend in Me" this summer.

Three guitars from Tombaugh Elementary

More Tombaugh Art.

Art from Artesia

More Tombaugh Art.

Bubble gum is a favorite at Tombaugh

More bubble gum.

Quote "I do not like your songs, I love them" I love that quote!

And for my next book, a bookmark.

This was sent to me as a thank you for the kids and staff at the CDC on the campus of ENMU for performing a few songs with Don Thomas for their graduation.

From Danielle at Tombaugh.

From Eliot at Tombaugh.

Nice flowers.

Great job.

From Jesus at Tombaugh.

From Johanna and Cesar at Tombaugh.

From Josie at Tombaugh.

Krazy Hair from Tombaugh.


From Maria.


A thank you from Region 9 Headstart (front).

Region 9 (back).

Rock and Roll.

What a welcome!

More stickers from Tombaugh.

Big Thank You from Tombaugh.

Love it!

Thank you for inviting me!


Welcome to Tombaugh!

Monterrey Elementary in Carlsbad sent me this awesome thank you drawing.

This lovely art, and the next 36 photos too, all come from the kids at the Montessori School of San Antonio