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Everybody Likes Pizza

Play it Again

Lost Cowboy

Andy Mason

Andy Mason


A Brief History of Christmas Music

Andy Mason is in Your Living Room!

Fast Time Constant - For Lease

Fast Time Constant - Another Day

Fast Time Constant - Streets of Portales

Fast Time Constant - Teach Your Children
Fast Time Constant - Empty

Andy Mason and David Stone - Kakawate Road

Andy Mason - Hey Diddle Diddle

Andy Mason - Little Earth

Andy Mason - Merry Christmas Everyone

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Photo Gallery

Photos from the 2013 Summer Tour.

The Alien Pizza. By William.

Photos from June 2012 concerts in Casper. WY.

Saguaro National Park Tuscon, AZ.

Don Thomas and I perform at the Yam Concert Series in Portales, NM.

Photo shoot with professional photographer Cristy Cross.

Having fun in Casper, WY at the Natrona County Library. Photos by E.K Wimmer and Maria Rose.

Gettin' stuck!

Awesome crowd

Everybody Likes Pizza

How many pizzas do they make in a day?

Jammin' out on the air guitar!

All done.

All good!

Blowin' a bubble

Dancing and having a good time!

Images from The Western Plains Library system tour. The photos are from two of the seven performances in Oklahoma. The first images are from Clinton, OK and the second set are from the Weatherford, OK library.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The Freeze

A goldfish?

Blowing a bubble

Yawn and stretch

Shaking our sillies out

Pizza or cookies?

Pizza cookies!

The HUGE crowd

With Cody and Jed

Monkey See Monkey Do

Super Juice!

It falls right out of the sky....for FREE!

Hangin' with Cody and Jed

And the whole gang!

Awesome promotion poster made by the ladies at the Friona, TX
Public Library. How cool is that?

Images from Reykjavik, Iceland. A concert at the International School and eating banana pizza!

One of my very first summer reading concerts
in Portales, NM June 2006

Making the Video for "The Pirate Song" in Casper, WY

Getting my head squeezed into the bandana

They made me dress (and pose) like this

E.K. Wimmer and his ship

In the drink!

This water is cold!

Awesome banner from Wellington, CO show July 2010

Guitar Poster on white

Same image inverted

Christmas program photo shoot