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Andy Mason


A Brief History of Christmas Music

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Fast Time Constant - For Lease

Fast Time Constant - Another Day

Fast Time Constant - Streets of Portales

Fast Time Constant - Teach Your Children
Fast Time Constant - Empty

Andy Mason and David Stone - Kakawate Road

Andy Mason - Hey Diddle Diddle

Andy Mason - Little Earth

Andy Mason - Merry Christmas Everyone

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So Far, Andy's
"Smile" has raised:
and has changed the lives of 40 children.
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Here is the video to the song "Smile", a song I wrote in 2009 to raise money for The Smile Train. During the recording session at SL Studios in Portales, NM, we brought in Amber Wiley to sing some backing vocals. We were totally blown away when we heard her sing and I knew she HAD to take the lead vocals on the song. Thanks to Amber's fantastic vocals, The Portales High School choir, Franklin Smith, Joe Green and Jake Jones the song has raised over $9300.00 to date, providing the cleft palate surgery to 37 children.